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VirtualStudy Conference 2010 is the first edition of the virtual, worldwide conference, meant for the widely understood circle of fans and IT specialists. The Conference was created to enable the exchange of the technical expert knowledge and help IT professionals increase their professional skills. An editorial staff of the VirtualStudy.pl and the best IT specialists, cooperating with the portal are organizers of the conference. You can participate in the event for free, thanks to the LiveMeeting client. It only takes 2 minutes to register and then enjoy the best e-conference sessions on Saturday, 19th of June 2010.

VirtualStudy.pl it is a portal for everyone which feel a thirst for knowledge, they want to learn something new, to broaden ones horizons, but also for the ones which want to share this knowledge, sitting comfortably at home, in the favorite armchair, with your slippers on and with mug of coffee in hand.

VirtualStudy Conference 2010 is an excellent chance and a possibility of the participation in sessions conducted by the first-class specialists. During numerous sessions it will be possible to hear both Polish and foreign specialists.

The conference will consist of 3 thematic tracks led in Polish and 2 English-speaking tracks. Every track consists of 5 sessions, so certainly everyone will find something interesting for oneself. Polish tracks will be meant for: ITPro specialists, Database Administrators and Developers.

English-speaking tracks will be divided in sessions about ITPro and computer systems security. Polish-speaking sessions will be on Saturday from 9:00 AM see world time - 05:00PM see world time (UTC +2) and English-speaking sessions from 06:00 PM (UTC +2) see world time till, so everybody who is interested in taking part will be able to attend this conference. We want this conference to be one of greatest and best virtual conferences in the world. Today you can already see the first names of the speakers. If you are interested in the participation in it and you would like to share it with others, in the bookmark " Promote us " special conference banners can be downloaded to put on websites, blogs, e-mails’ footers, etc.

The participation in the conference is free of charge, but the number of sits is limited so first come, first served.
The registration to the conference will start on the 2 of June at 10:00 AM (UTC +2) see world time.

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